What municipalities are part of the LELE initiative?

How much $$ can LELE actually save?

What are some "best practices" that can benefit my landscape?

What is Leaf Mulch?

What equipment do I need to mulch my leaves?

My gardener doesn't have a lawn mower that mulches. Can he use his regular lawn mower? If not, where do you recommend buying a lawn mower that mulches? And what should I expect to pay?

Will shredded Fall leaves harm my lawn?

What about pine needles, pine cones, and acorns?

Will mowing the leaves into the lawn look messy?

After I mulch mow, I can still see brown leaf shreds on my lawn. Is this a problem?

When I mulch mow, the mower leaves a trail of not-fully-chopped leaves behind. What am I doing wrong?

What is the optimum size for my shredded leaf mulch?

It looks like the leaf mulch is too thick on my lawn after shredding them under my trees. What am I doing wrong?

What do you do when there isn't much lawn but you still have loads of leaves to clear?

What if I don't like the look of leaf mulch on my landscape beds?

Won't the leaf mulch run off when it rains?

Can I mow over the millions of acorns on my property? I am afraid they will break my mower! There are SO MANY this year!

Mulching and leaving leaves from trees infested with anthracnose or tar spot seems to a bad idea. What is the 'best practice' to follow?

Doesn’t shredding all of your leaves result in possibly shredding next year's generation of butterflies and moths?

Are ticks an issue due to Mulching-In-Place?

What can I do to reduce ticks in my yard?

Landscaper warning on breathing mold!

Warning: Watch out for raised irrigation heads.

What about leaf blowers?

What are some LELE Tips for Landscapers?

What is the 'Rolling Chop' technique?

How can I find out more about LELE trainings or on-site consultations?

Is there a list of local landscapers who provide LELE services?

What is Grass-Cycling?

How can I learn more about composting?

How can I learn more about Vermiposting?

What is GreenScaping?

I can't seem to view a file from the toolbox. What is wrong?

Can I really make use of Toolbox materials for free?

Last Updated: 10/29/19

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