How can I learn more about composting?

Composting is not a very difficult process to learn or to implement. It is nature’s way of recycling and returning valuable organic matter and nutrients to the soil to be used again.

Create a Compost Bin or Area
A compost bin is a structured area that you use to contain your compost. This structure could be made of wood, wire, or any material (typically 3'x'3'x3' bin size is recommended). The truth is you don’t even need a bin. All you really need is an area to pile raw materials for the composting. It is suggested that you don’t pile your materials on concrete, plastic, or anything else that doesn’t allow the materials to touch the dirt. The dirt is important because as the materials breakdown, existing soil microbes, fungus and worms will migrate into the compost and further assist with the process.

Materials that make the Compost
Grass clippings ("green") and fall leaves ("brown") are critical to a composting process because they provide the nitrogen and carbon necessary to accelerate the breakdown of your composting materials. Other garden debris from pruning and maintenance can also be added to your compost pile. Just be sure that any diseased materials are not added to the pile, but discarded with the normal trash.

Mother Nature needs 5 to 6 months in order to properly breakdown the raw materials to effectively turn them into usable compost. During this time, turn or mix the compost every couple of weeks.

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