What about pine needles, pine cones, and acorns?

You will probably want to remove pine needles, pine corns and acorns from your lawn areas to prevent damage to your turf.

But keep in mind that pine needles are a good landscape mulch for acid loving plants like blueberries, mountain laurel, rhododendrum. Pine needles can also be very attractive simply left around the tree itself where they fall as they make a colorful, fragrant, and protective bed.

Positives about pine cones and acorns is that they can produce new trees and are important food sources for local wildlife. On the other hand, depending on your property design, too many can create an aesthetic impact and/or pose a tripping hazard. Some years oak trees produce huge amounts of acorns ("masting years"), while in other years none at all. As a property owner, you will need to decide each year where on the property you might keep some of the pine cones and acorns for wildlife feed. The surplus will need to be bagged and put out on the curb with yard waste (or perhaps placed into an active, hot compost pile).

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