Can I Really Make Use of Toolbox Materials For Free?

Yes you can, under the Creative Commons license we've indicated.

Here are some further related questions we've received:

Can I have the  the videos and educational material put on our town's website or do I need to put a link to
You can post on your website. Linking to simply ensures the latest versions (revisions) are being used. But if you decide to host the files on your server, a single acknowledgement of the source / CC license and link back to our site homepage would suffice. One note - the latest video PSA should be used unmodified, keeping credits and voiceover intact.

How do I properly attribute items that I've modified to
There are endless variations on the CC copyright acknowledgement but something as simple and direct as "Used and modified under Creative Commons license from LELENY.ORG" would suffice.

Can modifications include putting the my town's logo and our Environmental Board's logo on the materials?
Most certainly! We encourage that. Many of our local munis have done just that and have included their own URLS and contact info as appropriate.

Could I modify the material to include recommendations for using leaves to much garden beds or home compost them?
Yes. A lot of our materials suggest using shredded leaf mulch as landscape mulch - I assume you are specifically referring to using on veggie beds? Sounds like a great idea! Our literature and PP presentations also recommends using excess shredded leaves for composting (in home compost piles or bins).

May I modify the title to add something like "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em - Leave our leaves in place just as Mother Nature intended!"
Sure! Do whatever you think will best attract and influence your local audience. We recommend keeping the logo intact as a strong visual branding. But tag lines, etc. are whatever you want.

Please let us know if you've started your own local LELE initiative and if you've found our Toolbox materials or website to be useful.

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